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A unique and new kind of real estate firm.

Robert Altshuler formed Valley Luxury Partners (VLP) to cater specifically to high net worth clients including successful business executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and celebrities using a private banking client model. His experience as a wealth management specialist and real estate attorney with knowledge of estate and probate laws enhances his ability to service clients.

There are many talented agents in the Valley and the willingness to co-list with other agents who are experts in a particular area sets VLP apart from most firms. Most clients have thought at one time, “Wouldn’t it be great to have two agents share commission and market my property for maximum exposure?”

VLP embraces the leverage of teamwork and cooperation with other agents and firms on a local and national level that bring specific expertise to a transaction.

Additionally, VLP provides concierge level services to real estate transactions including all facets of design, staging, construction expertise, potential for financing staging and property improvements for clients* (design and construction through RMB and its general contractor) and secured transportation for buyers relocating and executive bodyguard services for high profile clients concerned with privacy and personal security. These services are provided through in-house resources and our extensive network of affiliate partners.